Small Furries/Exotics

Small Furries/Exotics

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs may also become distressed at the sound of fireworks but are often forgotten about because the majority of them are kept outside.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help them cope with the distress of fireworks

Outdoor Rabbits/ and Guinea Pigs

  • If the hutch is attached to a run make sure that your pet is in the hutch part before it goes dark and shut the door to the hutch.
  • If you can, bring the hutch inside. If this is not possible partially cover the hutch with blankets to provide some soundproofing. You could always bring the rabbit inside and cuddle them in a blanket or put them in a carrier during the worst of the fireworks.
  • Put extra hay or straw into the hutch for your pet to burrow in. An upturned cardboard box with holes cut in the sides, filled with hay provides a great hidey hole for bunnies.
  • Turn the hutch to face the wall or fence to block out the flashes.
  • When fireworks are going off make sure you reassure your rabbit or guinea pig by talking to them


House Rabbits

  • Close the windows and draw the curtains to cut down on the noise and flashes
  • Put on the TV or some music
  • If you have a cat flap make sure it is blocked off in case your rabbit  tries to make a run for it. (Make sure your cat is inside the house !)
  • Talk to them, cuddle them and reassure them.
  • Be very careful if you open the outside door that your rabbit can’t escape.